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As a company Keogh Construction believes in going above and beyond to build homes that are sustainable and that take into consideration the construction industry’s impact on the environment. We take extra steps to ensure homes remain comfortable and functional despite our climate’s extreme fluctuations in weather. Learning from our 22 years of experience, we have researched, tested and redesigned our processes, allowing us to create a new standard for how we build into the future. We are Reimagining the way we build which can be expressed within our company’s values and pillars of sustainability:

Passive Solar Design: We study how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the use of natural and free energy from the sun for heating and cooling homes. We do this by considering where and when the sunlight hits the building, and choose building materials to either reflect, transmit or absorb the sun’s rays.

Biophilic Design: We recognize that humans are intimately connected to nature. We use this architectural approach to ensure that the environment inside the home respects and takes advantage of the cognitive, physiological and psychological benefits of nature to complement and enhance this connection. This includes the careful use of natural materials, like wood and stone, as well as considering the cycle of humans and nature.  

Healthy Home: Our homes are designed, constructed and renovated using methods and materials that are carefully chosen to proactively improve the health and well-being of those living within it. We take into consideration and strive to eliminate exposure to potential mold, volatile organic compounds (VOC), radon, radiation and materials that off gas. 

Low Life Cycle Impact: Through careful design and sourcing, we aim to use products with low embodied energy to reduce the environmental footprint of the building. We also attempt to seek out materials that require low maintenance during their lifespan and those that can be reclaimed or recycled when no longer needed to decrease future contributions to landfills.  

Durable and Resilient: By using durable materials, we are decreasing the use of raw materials, energy and production of greenhouse gases that would otherwise be associated with more frequent replacement of less durable products. We also carefully consider designing and building houses that maintain or regain functionality and vitality after stresses or disturbances (manmade or natural).

Local: We aim to use local products in our construction in order to support the community, reduce our carbon footprint, and ensure the product manufacturers are adhering to the same environmental guidelines that we are familiar with.

Affordable: Ensuring products are affordable to the average consumer is important to us therefore we take the time to find a balance between products that follow our sustainability goals and making sure they are priced fairly. 

Reimagined: When applicable, we salvage previously used building materials which would otherwise enter landfill sites such as reclaimed bricks, hardwood and stone. Any materials that are not suitable for our projects are donated to local charitable organizations that benefit from selling used building material.


We are very excited to share with you the most recent project Keogh Construction has been working on. Our 3800 spec house is specifically designed to follow our company’s pillars which encompasses passive solar and biophilic design, while incorporating sustainable, resilient, healthy and local products. We are reimagining the way we build in order to produce homes we are truly proud of.

Our plan for building a passive house all began with considering the positioning of the sun. Using a solar needle we were able to determine true solar south and design the orientation of the house accordingly. Taking orientation and sun access into account helps ensure warmer internal temperatures in the winter while preventing overheating in the summer — our initial step to a more sustainable home.

When designing a sustainable home, it is extremely important to examine all the potential environmental risks the home may endure in the future, such as flooding. Meeting criteria revolving around flood plains and elevation allowed us to build a longer lasting home resilient to the one hundred year flood. You can never be too prepared!!!

A passively designed home is governed by principles such as proper ventilation, increased insulation, an airtight building envelope, and appropriate use of the sun’s orientation. We are going above and beyond to provide the most comfortable and healthy indoor environment while maximizing energy efficiency.

Making sure a home is airtight not only saves the homeowner money on energy bills but ensures moisture and air do not leak through the building envelope

Take a look into how our double walls are constructed!

Take a look at the pillars that guide our construction methodologies and build material selection.